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Important Secret Behind Flawless Skin

Want to know the magic ingredient currently being hailed as the secret behind flawless skin? No, it’s not some new nanoparticle or a miracle molecule you need a PhD in Chemistry to understand but a vitamin your mum always told you to take every day to keep you strong and ward off winter chills. Yes, it’s good old Vitamin C – but in this case taking it means applying to your skin on a daily basis so it can work from the outside in. Current research shows that when it comes to getting the anti ageing benefits of vitamin C, this antioxidant powerhouse is believed to be 20 times more beneficial when applied topically to the skin and plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your complexion.

The list of skin benefits are endless – it can help boost collagen production which is essential to keep the skin looking plump, minimise fine lines, reduce inflammation and fade pigmentation patches as well as enhance sun protection.One of its most powerful roles is to help boost the skin’s immune system – our skin is constantly being OE attacked by free radical damage be it pollution, a bad