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Vichy Skin Care

Have you ever found yourself scrutinizing your face in front of the mirror and tracking the smallest detail? Like most of people, you too may have a dream of looking several years younger with flawless, great skin. Skin quality is generally a determining factor in how old we are perceived to be; wrinkles and fine lines being some more factors. Whatever may be your age, your skin comes in contact with a lot of pollution, dust, and make-up every day. It needs gentle care and nutrition – which is provided by all the skin and body care products formulated by Vichy.

Vichy is one of the most popular premium brands of body care, skincare, make-up, and anti-aging products that are owned by L’Oreal under the Active Cosmetics division. The company uses only one source of water for all its product formulations – thermal spa water from the hot springs of the town of Vichy, France – and hence, the name ‘Vichy’. The company is in this industry since 1931 and is one of the top two ‘active cosmetics’ brands in the L’Oreal group; the other brand is La Roche-Posey. Vichy is probably the biggest brand in European skincare and body care market. Being most popular in Europe, Vichy is best known for the ‘Dermablend’ range of foundations and concealers.

Vichy skin care includes an extensive range of products for a variety of purposes:

  • Body care – targeting different body parts for radiant, glowing, hydrated skin
  • Sun care – sun protections in form of creams, oils, and milks
  • Hair care – effective products against damaged hair, hair loss, sensitive scalp, dandruff, oily or dry hair, etc.
  • Make-up – top quality products for natural looking, flawless make-up
  • Deodorants – alcohol free, kind to all skin types

Here are some of the leading lines by Vichy skin care:

  • LiftActiv for anti-aging action
  • Neovadiol
  • Normaderm for oily, blemish-prone skin
  • Dercos
  • Aqualia Thermal
  • Capital Soleil
  • Essentielles – a basic line of cheaper products
  • Vichy Homme that includes men’s shaving and cleansing products

Vichy laboratories have been in development of a range of premium, effective skin care, make-up, and body care products since the 1930s. They have been pioneering anti-aging treatments since years now. They have also been tackling chrono-biological aging issues such as wrinkles and loss of skin firmness with their Liftactiv range over the years now. For effectively treating menopausal hormonal changes such as skin sagging and loss of skin density, Vichy has the Neovadiol range products; while for treating behavioral aging of the skin such as changes to pigmentation, balance, and expressiveness, the Idealia range is perfect.

All Vichy Skin Care and allied products contain a secret ingredient – Vichy Thermal Spa Water – which is extremely rich in minerals and is proven to have a certain soothing effect on the skin; no matter what type of skin it is. Vichy specializes in producing skin care products for all skin types and the formulation of each product is according to the strict principles that are stemmed from the pharmaceutical industry.

Whatever may be the type of your skin, your age, and lifestyle; it’s more important how you treat your skin rather than how it looks like. Skin can be transformed into an ideal one, if proper care is taken and overall health of skin is improved. Vichy’s range of luxurious and effective product range serves thorough cleansing and removal of all the traces of make-up and pollution; and remains gentle even on the most sensitive skin type.

The tagline of the brand is ‘Health is beautiful’ and hence, all the products essentially focus on both, beauty as well as health. Nothing here comes with the chance of overpowering health to gain beauty.